Networking event within the framework of the digital strategy of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Digitally dealing (with) heat

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) organized an online event for the 16th of June 2021 to connect various projects funded by the BMBF within the framework of the Research for Sustainability (FONA) and the BMBF Digital Strategy. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) Project Management Agency and the programme 'Urban Climate Under Change [UC]2' supported the organization of the event.

The guiding theme of the event was 'Digitally dealing (with) heat' promoting the exchange of research and information on the use of digital tools in the adaptation of municipalities to climate change, both to date and in future. Fittingly, it was also a very hot day. The event was a great success, met with great interest and approval not only from the participating projects, but also from Module C's practice partners and other municipal representatives.

The event started with an introduction of the BMBF sub-department head Oda Keppler. Afterwards, in addition to the three modules of [UC]2, the projects ISAP - Innovative city-regional online information and advice system, Green City of the Future – Climate Change-resilient Neighbourhoods in a Growing City and SMARTilience - Municipal Control Model for a Climate-resilient Urban Development and application using the two German cities of Halle and Mannheim presented themselves.

In various so-called 'breakout rooms', the participants discussed possible needs, strategies, solutions, but also obstacles for the use of digital tools in municipal practice.


Project Presenters Titel of presentation (only in German)
UC]2 Modul A MOSAIK-2 Dr. Björn Maronga Mikroskalige Simulation des Stadtklimas mit PALM-4U
[UC]2 Modul B 3DO+M Prof. Dieter Scherer / Thilo Erbertseder Mikroskalige Modellierung des Stadtklimas - Beispiele zum Einsatz des Modells PALM-4U in der Forschung
[UC]2 Modul C Propolis Antonina Kriuger, Dr. Cornelia Burmeister; Matthias Winkler ProPolis – Grundlagen für die Operationalisierung von PALM-4U – Praktikabilität und Verstetigungsstrategie
ISAP Prof. Jörn Birkmann Neue digitale Werkzeuge für Regionen und Kommunen
Green City of the Future Dr. Theresa Zölch Projekt "Grüne Stadt der Zukunft – Klimaresiliente Quartiere in einer wachsenden Stadt" Perspektive der Landeshauptstadt München
SMARTilience Rebekka Nell SMARTilience – Digital mit Hitze umgehen. Innovative Governance-Formate und kommunale Steuerungsmodelle
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